Help Refugee Ukrainian Children with Cancer

Help Refugee Ukrainian Children with Cancer

Help Refugee Ukrainian Children with Cancer

This is a personal request for your support.

Despite the floundering Government Home Office visa bureaucracy, cancer-sick refugee Ukrainian children are now being treated in England at a number of Children’s Hospital oncology units together with our cancer-sick English children.

     These traumatised refugee Ukrainian children have been bombed out of their hospitals. England are now taking them for urgent disrupted cancer treatment. With your support, we are directly funding these Children’s Hospital Cancer wards in UK and Europe.   

     Cancer does not recognise Brexit, Border Controls or Postcodes! We also fund some German hospital paediatric cancer units that are treating these cancer-sick refugee children and their distressed mothers. This is through our friends, the ‘German Charity for Children with Cancer’, (

     Our charity is wholly run by unpaid volunteers, so your donated £ goes to the hospital wards treating these cancer-sick children.


     We and they thank you for your life=giving crisis support.

Ian MacWatt

Hon. Chairman

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