Special Offer from TOMD
10% off Legal Client Communication Package

10% off Legal Client Communication Package

10% off Legal Client Communication Package

What it is

A regular supply of prewritten content about the economy, the property markets, business topics and an overview of the Spring Budget/Autumn Statement. The subscription is cost-effective, easy to access and can be personalised with your logo and contact details. This ready to use content can be uploaded to your website, sent in email marketing campaigns and posted on your social media to provide a comprehensive client communication strategy.

What is included

Subscribe to the Client Communication Package and you can access the following publications:

Monthly Economic Review

Monthly Residential Property Review

Monthly Commercial Property Review

Spring Budget / Autumn Statement Overview

Monthly Business Review

How it works

You will be notified when the latest versions of the various publications are available. You will be able to download them from our online store in the following formats:


HTML Email

Word document

Printed copies (at an additional cost)

With your subscription you’ll be given access to a TOMD Store Account where you will get unlimited access to download the publications.

We will design a bespoke panel which will include your logo and contact details – this will be used to brand your materials. Your panel will be supplied to you for your approval.

When you access your account and preview items on the Store, your panel will automatically be added to the item. You can then download a digital copy or order printed copies.

Email Facility

The package also includes the option to use our email facility, which enables you to send the above items by email as a professionally designed HTML Email including your branding.

There is an additional cost for sending email campaigns, which is £6 (no VAT) per send plus £0.01 (no VAT) per email address.

TOMD / Chronicle Law Client Communication Package – Cost

Centralised Firm Subscription (One account branded with the firm’s logo/contact details)

Set-up fee: £300+VAT

Subscription RRP: £80pm +VAT plus £10pm +VAT per solicitor.

Chronicle Law Special offer: 10% Discount.

Subscription: £72pm +VAT plus £8pm +VAT per solicitor

Premium Subscription (One central branded firm account plus individual accounts branded per solicitor)

Set-up fee: £300+VAT

Subscription RRP: £80pm +VAT plus £50pm +VAT per solicitor

Chronicle Law Special offer: 10% Discount.

Subscription: £72pm +VAT plus £45pm +VAT per solicitor

Managed Service Offering

With our Client Communication Package, you are given the tools and the content to regularly upload to your website, send to clients via a bulk email campaign and have readymade social media posts to provide consistent messaging to prospects and clients via multiple channels. While also enhancing your digital presence to provide professional insights.

For an extra cost we also offer a managed service where TOMD can help you leverage the Client Communication Package and upload content to your website, social media and distribute the publications via email on your behalf.


10% off Legal Client Communication Package

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