Quinton Langton

Head of Infrastructure Services at Tiedata
Quinton Langton

About Quinton

Quinton Langton has over 30 years of experience of working within the IT industry, and most of that been working with legal firms.

He understands that IT, has revolutionised the legal sector in how it operates and fully appreciates the challenges legal firms face.

He is a trusted technology & business advisor/consultant who assists key decision-makers by helping them leverage technology to achieve their business objectives. But ensures that he uses clear English and endeavours not to talk geek – only when necessary.

He helps my clients to understand the real business value of technology rather than the marketing hype behind the technology. He considers being very fortunate to be dyslexic as having a unique skill and treats it as a gift. He does not consider it a hindrance - however, it can be amusing, and having a personality helps around some awkward moments.

He sees IT as a given; it is a bit like a light switch – "you flick the switch, and the lights turn on" – you don't need to know what's involved in making that happen, just peace of mind, your IT systems are working and safe. With the correct advice, and boutique service, he has ensured. None of his clients has been infected with "Ransomware, malware or even a Virus" since 2014.

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