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How to deal with stress at work in the legal sector

It’s easy to forget sometimes, but there really is nothing normal or inevitable about constant pressure, unrealistic expectations or feeling overwhelmed, yet these seem to be ever-present elements of the day-to-day of a lawyer. To help you manage workplace stress, we take a closer look at some of the practical steps you can implement to take back control of your workload and safeguard your wellbeing.

Insight into Barrister David Bennett’s recent book – “Housing Conditions Claims on Behalf of Social Housing Tenants – A Practical Guide for Solicitors, Barristers and Surveyors”

In the field of legal practice, understanding the law and effectively navigating litigation are distinct skills. David Bennett’s latest publication, ” Housing Conditions Claims on Behalf of Social Housing Tenants – A Practical Guide for Solicitors, Barristers and Surveyors” serves as an invaluable resource for legal professionals seeking to excel in this specialised field.

How Can Advances in Digital Learning Help UK Law Firms Meet Compliance Standards and Improve Overall Efficiencies in 2024?

It goes without saying that compliance training is crucial for UK law firms to uphold their legal obligations, mitigate risk, maintain reputation, foster ethical behaviour, protect clients, and achieve a competitive edge. In 2024, advances in digital learning will not only play a significant role in helping firms continue to meet compliance standards, but also, […]

How Bamboo Uses Actionstep to Create Custom Workflows, Save Thousands of Pounds on Admin, and Delight Clients

Bamboo owns one of the UK’s leading alternative business structures (ABS) for law firms, Carbon Law Partners. Bamboo enables law firms to start, grow and exit. For new start law brands its white-label platform enables lawyers and non-lawyers to establish a firm using an SRA-regulated structure. They can do so on their own terms, under their own […]

Helping law firms remain compliant whilst taking control of their time and increasing efficiencies and productivity

With industry sources suggesting that over 70% of legal professionals struggle to complete essential training and learning activities, we asked clients and industry partners for their feedback regarding how an online learning strategy can impact challenges and improve efficiencies. Here’s what we found out … Top Challenges Solutions and Benefits eAlliance Learning Technology has implemented digital […]

Unlocking the Benefits of Low-Code Solutions for Legal Workflows

The legal industry has witnessed a significant transformation in recent years, with technology playing a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of law firms. One of the most revolutionary advancements in this space is the adoption of low-code solutions to develop legal workflows. By leveraging low-code platforms, law firms can streamline their processes, reduce operational costs, and ultimately deliver better services to their clients.

Why Law Firms Should Build a Technology Ecosystem

In today’s fast-paced legal and tech industries, your law firm’s technology stack is a lifeline that keeps your lawyers afloat through constant changes and upheaval. Creating an ideal tech ecosystem is essential for your firm’s growth, legal practice, and overall business needs.

Human Rights

Recent proposals for the UK to leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) , and presumably to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998, demand a further analysis of the ECHR.

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