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Accesspoint & FormEvo Partnership

Hong Tran, Sales Director at Accesspoint Legal, announces their new partnership with cloud-based legal forms provider FormEvo, highlighting the benefits of their collaboration such as enhanced collaboration, seamless integration with PCMS, and updates on Law Society’s Transaction forms.

A free trial is available for new customers.

Microsoft Copilot powered by Sysero

Phil Ayton, Co-Founder & Director at Sysero, writes about the transformative synergy between Microsoft Copilot and Sysero and how this collaboration streamlines legal workflows with AI, enhancing productivity and accuracy for legal professionals.

2024 Mid-Market Law Trends

Discover 2024’s trends for law firms: AI’s potential, cybersecurity needs, intuitive automation benefits, evolving client expectations, and talent strategies.

How Can Advances in Digital Learning Help UK Law Firms Meet Compliance Standards and Improve Overall Efficiencies in 2024?

It goes without saying that compliance training is crucial for UK law firms to uphold their legal obligations, mitigate risk, maintain reputation, foster ethical behaviour, protect clients, and achieve a competitive edge. In 2024, advances in digital learning will not only play a significant role in helping firms continue to meet compliance standards, but also, […]

Law Firms in Focus: Case Management Systems & Supply Chain Risks

CTS Attack: State-Sponsored & Serious Crime What’s the problem? Law firms are failing to prioritise their cybersecurity. Encompassing everything connected to the Internet, this failing   not only ignores internal security but also their third-party supply security. As such, firms across the legal sector are unknowingly and unwittingly adopting insecure positions by default. What’s the harm? […]

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