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How UK Heir Hunters Differ From Their International Counterparts

Heir hunters, also known as probate genealogists, play a crucial role in locating missing or unknown heirs to estates left behind by deceased individuals. While the core function of heir hunting remains consistent across different regions, the approach, legal frameworks, and operational methods can vary significantly from one country to another. Here’s a closer look […]

Heir Hunters: Ethical Considerations And Best Practices

For legal professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of heir hunting, Blanchard’s latest article offers a fascinating insight into this unique and often misunderstood niche.

Read about how they navigate ethical considerations, ensure transparency, and uphold privacy standards to connect people with their rightful inheritance.

How To Recover An Unclaimed Estate

Blanchards discusses the complexities and opportunities of unclaimed estates, which are assets left behind by deceased individuals without clear heirs.
Reasons for unclaimed estates include lack of estate planning, unknown heirs, legal disputes, and absence of an executor.

Exploring the Role of Probate Genealogy in UK Estate Administration: Best Practices and Emerging Trends for Wills and Probate Legal Professionals

At Blanchards Inheritance Ltd, we understand the complexities and challenges involved in administering estates in the UK. As a specialist probate genealogy firm, we recognise the critical role of probate genealogy in estate administration and how staying abreast of best practices and emerging trends can help legal professionals manage the process efficiently and effectively.

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