Blanchards: As seen on Channel 4’s new series – Key To A Fortune

Blanchards: As seen on Channel 4’s new series – Key To A Fortune

Blanchards: As seen on Channel 4’s new series – Key To A Fortune

Blanchards specialise in tracing heirs to estates when somebody has died without a Will – known as Intestacy

As “Key to a Fortune” shows, there are thousands of properties left empty around the UK with owners who have passed away with no next of kin.

If no one brought said estates to our attention then the rightful owners would never be notified! If you have seen us on the show and want to get in touch, please fill in a quick form and one of our agents will endeavour to get back to you!

What is Key To A Fortune?

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Key To A Fortune is a primetime TV show appearing on Channel 4. The show explores numerous cases where the deceased has left a high value property with no close family to claim. Blanchards prominently feature on every episode, providing 5 of the 6 the cases for the show. Each year millions of pounds worth or properties go unclaimed after being left by the deceased. When someone passes away, it is our job to locate their nearest heirs and transfer estate to the correct party. In some instances the estates can be small, in others, substantial. The cases depicted on the show are some of our larger estates due to having a large property attached.

Key To A Fortune displays the heirs of these estates learning of their new found fortune. The show dives into the properties and potential value of the the home despite often being outdated. With this, a property developer also weighs in on what can be done to bring the property into the 21st century, thus increasing its value further. Property is just one aspect of the show. There is also the factor of relatives who have never met or have grown estranged reconnecting. In our industry we have seen countless families become introduced or reconnect over their shared claim to a relatives estate. Key To A Fortune highlights this as well as presenting the difficult decision of what to do with the property they all have entitlement to.

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