Specialism: Wills and Probate

Expanding private client services

Partnering with a law firm over high-net-worth clients can open up a lucrative new channel There is huge untapped potential for accountancy practitioners and private-client lawyers to collaborate over wealth and tax advice required by high-net-worth clients. Not only are these client services really important to family-owned businesses (over 70% of these enterprises fail to […]

Navigating empty probate properties and getting them ready for a successful auction

Probate solicitors, and the clients they represent, grapple with the complex challenges presented by vacant probate properties. Successfully managing such properties requires a delicate balance of sensitivity and efficiency, underscoring the necessity for a nuanced approach tailored to legal intricacies. The process commences with a meticulous property assessment customised to the distinct characteristics of each […]

Blanchards’ Expertise in Handling Empty Properties for the Legal Sector

Dealing with empty properties can be a complex and delicate task. Empty properties often come with a multitude of responsibilities, ranging from ensuring the security of the premises to managing the valuable assets left behind. In this challenging landscape, Blanchards stands as a reliable partner for wills and probate solicitors in the UK, offering comprehensive services that ease the burden of managing empty properties.

Remember A Charity Week: What’s it all about?

Remember A Charity encourages the general public to consider how they can impact the world beyond their lifetime by leaving a gift to their favourite charities and supporting vital services for future generations. The national awareness week, running 11-17 September 2023 is a key opportunity for solicitors and professional Will-writers to open up conversations around charitable estates and the relevant tax breaks linked with legacy giving. This campaign draws together almost 200 charities from across the country, and over 800 solicitors and Will-writers all championing the message of giving from your Will.

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