Specialism: Wills and Probate

Heir Hunters: Ethical Considerations And Best Practices

For legal professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of heir hunting, Blanchard’s latest article offers a fascinating insight into this unique and often misunderstood niche.

Read about how they navigate ethical considerations, ensure transparency, and uphold privacy standards to connect people with their rightful inheritance.

How To Recover An Unclaimed Estate

Blanchards discusses the complexities and opportunities of unclaimed estates, which are assets left behind by deceased individuals without clear heirs.
Reasons for unclaimed estates include lack of estate planning, unknown heirs, legal disputes, and absence of an executor.

The cost of dying in 2024

The latest SunLife report highlights the alarming surge in the UK’s cost of dying, reaching £9,658. Families face financial strain amid rising expenses and limited government aid.

Blanchards Ltd offers crucial support in probate matters, aiding families and law firms through expert guidance and specialised services, easing the burden during difficult times.

Expanding private client services

Partnering with a law firm over high-net-worth clients can open up a lucrative new channel There is huge untapped potential for accountancy practitioners and private-client lawyers to collaborate over wealth and tax advice required by high-net-worth clients. Not only are these client services really important to family-owned businesses (over 70% of these enterprises fail to […]

Navigating empty probate properties and getting them ready for a successful auction

Probate solicitors, and the clients they represent, grapple with the complex challenges presented by vacant probate properties. Successfully managing such properties requires a delicate balance of sensitivity and efficiency, underscoring the necessity for a nuanced approach tailored to legal intricacies. The process commences with a meticulous property assessment customised to the distinct characteristics of each […]

Blanchards’ Expertise in Handling Empty Properties for the Legal Sector

Dealing with empty properties can be a complex and delicate task. Empty properties often come with a multitude of responsibilities, ranging from ensuring the security of the premises to managing the valuable assets left behind. In this challenging landscape, Blanchards stands as a reliable partner for wills and probate solicitors in the UK, offering comprehensive services that ease the burden of managing empty properties.

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