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UK Wills & Probate solicitors help clients distribute estates, but finding missing beneficiaries can be tricky. That's where probate genealogy specialists come in.

Blanchards’ Expertise in Handling Empty Properties for the Legal Sector

Dealing with empty properties can be a complex and delicate task. Empty properties often come with a multitude of responsibilities, ranging from ensuring the security of the premises to managing the valuable assets left behind. In this challenging landscape, Blanchards stands as a reliable partner for wills and probate solicitors in the UK, offering comprehensive services that ease the burden of managing empty properties.

Navigating Complex Family Trees: Uncovering Hidden Heirs and Beneficiaries in Estate Administration

In the realm of wills and probate, one of the greatest challenges faced by legal professionals is tracing and identifying heirs and beneficiaries. As family structures become more intricate and global, the task of unravelling complex family trees can be overwhelming. In this article, we delve into the world of probate genealogy and explore how specialised companies, such as Blanchards Inheritance, can assist wills and probate legal professionals in uncovering hidden heirs and beneficiaries. By shedding light on this crucial aspect of estate administration, we aim to provide valuable insights and strategies for navigating the complexities of familial inheritance.

Exploring the Role of Probate Genealogy in UK Estate Administration: Best Practices and Emerging Trends for Wills and Probate Legal Professionals

At Blanchards Inheritance Ltd, we understand the complexities and challenges involved in administering estates in the UK. As a specialist probate genealogy firm, we recognise the critical role of probate genealogy in estate administration and how staying abreast of best practices and emerging trends can help legal professionals manage the process efficiently and effectively.

Top 3 Preferred Options for Selling Probate Property

If you’re looking for a stress-free yet speedy option that guarantees a sale, Proffered is your best choice. Although some methods quote high prices, it’s important to note that they also come with high fees and take longer to sell. They also don’t guarantee sales, meaning you could lose a lot of time and money when they fall through.

How the Principal Probate Registry Was Born and How It Is Now

Blanchards Inheritance is here to make the process easier for you by taking up all the administrative work. We have years of experience in this sector; hence, we can accurately evaluate a property and put it up for sale or auction.

In addition, we can handle the entire property management until the sale process is complete.

A History Of Blanchards

Blanchards formed in 2011, by Thanet born Adam Blanchard. Originally starting as a small family business of 2, Blanchards has now grown to a thriving international Heir Hunting firm with a large, skilled, and professional workforce. Moreover, we are about to receive national attention being heavily featured on a new primetime TV programme on a major UK channel.

Tracing a Beneficiary? See How the UK’s Rising Cost of Living Affects Inheritance

The cost of living has skyrocketed in the last few months and thus is having a significant impact on the inheritance figures. But most people don’t understand how to work around the issue. Therefore, firms offering tracing and other inheritance-related services need to re-strategise how to advise their clients regarding making plans for their estates.

When a beneficiary cannot be found – What you can do?

When a person dies their possessions and assets form an ‘estate’ this estate must then be distributed to the beneficiaries of the deceased. Here Tracing Direct will go through some of the steps involved in finding beneficiaries, and what you can do in the instances where beneficiaries are not able to be found.

The Case of Connie White

When it comes to family trees, there are often surprises hidden around every corner. What appears
on the surface to be a simple and direct family history search can quickly escalate into an
expansive and multi generational case, with beneficiaries that cross continents. It’s instances like
this that can often result in lengthy delays in case resolutions for solicitors and their clients. These
complications require the expertise of genealogical research, allowing for accurate identification of
missing beneficiaries and construction of often complicated family trees in order to identify rightful

Tracing Direct – Experts at tracing beneficiaries – Case Study on Pamela Lamb

Locating missing beneficiaries can be a daunting process. Without access to the right contacts, data, or sources, it can seem difficult to know where to start. This, coupled with the potential beneficiaries being located overseas, can make the difficult feel almost impossible.

Tracing Direct have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to help you locate missing beneficiaries from across the globe. It’s this unique skillset combined with their years of experience that meant they were able to locate lost beneficiaries to an estate that had

An Introduction to Tracing Direct

Regarded as one of the most efficient, swift, and responsive finders of people. Tracing direct has been committed to assisting organisations identify rightful beneficiaries to both intestate and testate estates for over fifteen years. Established in 2007, Tracing Direct has developed a successful and proven strategy to locate unknown beneficiaries around the globe. Their proficient […]

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