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Tax experts, Zeal, take a look at case examples to show how things almost went wrong!

Top 3 Preferred Options for Selling Probate Property

If you’re looking for a stress-free yet speedy option that guarantees a sale, Proffered is your best choice. Although some methods quote high prices, it’s important to note that they also come with high fees and take longer to sell. They also don’t guarantee sales, meaning you could lose a lot of time and money when they fall through.

Guardcover Launch Unoccupied Property “Block Policy” Solution for Solicitors

Guardcover is delighted to announce the launch of our much anticipated Unoccupied Property Insurance Block Declaration Model, designed especially for Solicitors.

This brand-new approach allows you to quickly and simply insure multiple properties across your practice under a single policy; whether they have been left unoccupied in probate, deputyship, intestate, or even during the conveyancing process.

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