Specialism: Commercial Law

Safety Standards?

Why Standards?  Everybody has standards that they work to, whether they realise it or not. With the introduction of ISO 45001 in 2018, the issue of standards was again in the news and people asked which standards are right for them. However this ignored the bigger question about all the other standards that also exist […]

Drag-Along and Tag-Along Rights

Drag-Along and Tag-Along Rights: what are they, why are they necessary and how do they affect the valuation of a minority shareholding? The valuation of shares in a company can be complex and even more complicated when valuing a minority shareholding. I was recently instructed by the solicitors acting for the wife in a divorce, […]

Why should you avoid a late cost budget submission?

The rules and regulations regarding cost management and the filing of a cost budget submission are clear and concise however numerous cases still miss the mark and budgets are still filed or served late. Typically, cases with a pleaded value of £50,000 or less are filed and exchanged with the directions questionnaires, for all other […]

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