Amidst the current cost-of-living crisis, law firms must navigate price adjustments due to inflation. Here are essential tips for transparently communicating fee changes to clients during these challenging times.

The importance of good reviews

Did you know that 63% of consumers check reviews before visiting a business?

Our latest TOMD article highlights the importance of Google reviews for businesses and offers practical steps to accumulate them. It covers setting up a Google Business Profile, routinely asking clients for reviews, and creating a simple guide to help clients leave feedback.

Lead magnets – what are they, and how can they help you?

This article discusses the importance of using lead magnets to build an email list for client communication. A lead magnet is a valuable resource offered for free, such as a guide or checklist, in exchange for a potential client’s contact details. This strategy helps attract new clients and ensures compliance with GDPR by requiring user consent.

Marketing Sensitive Practice Areas 

Chloe Wingate, Digital Marketing Specialist at TOMD, talks about effective marketing strategies for law firms handling sensitive practice areas like medical negligence or family law. Read this article to learn how to demonstrate empathy, expertise, and professionalism while connecting with clients on a personal level.

The (many) benefits of marketing campaigns

Explore the power of integrated marketing campaigns for legal firms. Discover how coordinated efforts across various channels boost brand trust, target specific segments, and measure impact efficiently. Unlock the potential to resonate with your audience emotionally while saving costs.

Why a website is not enough

At TOMD, we’ve spent years developing bespoke websites for legal and professional services firms that reflect their brand, expertise and values. This means that we understand just how vital it is to tailor your website in a way that speaks directly to your target audience(s). Everything from design and content to imagery and navigation have […]

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