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The (many) benefits of marketing campaigns

Explore the power of integrated marketing campaigns for legal firms. Discover how coordinated efforts across various channels boost brand trust, target specific segments, and measure impact efficiently. Unlock the potential to resonate with your audience emotionally while saving costs.

A history of legal marketing

A lot has changed since 1986, when the Law Society of England and Wales first allowed solicitors to advertise and promote their services. Nowadays, many marketing options are available to legal services providers and are widely used within the regulatory rules and guidelines designed to preserve the reputation and integrity of the profession. Mike Johnstone, […]

Why a website is not enough

At TOMD, we’ve spent years developing bespoke websites for legal and professional services firms that reflect their brand, expertise and values. This means that we understand just how vital it is to tailor your website in a way that speaks directly to your target audience(s). Everything from design and content to imagery and navigation have […]

Accesspoint Legal Services: Our History

We’re Accesspoint: the legal technology specialists, providing innovative products, services and IT advice for law firms. Our clients come to us for our expertise and innovation, then stay with us because we’re a can-do company with the personal touch. 

NetDocuments & P4W

Until recently, if you were using P4W and wanted your firm to implement the NetDocuments solution, it meant the introduction of an application that was stand-alone and outside the controlled environment for document production that you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Now Accesspoint have created a seamless workflow between P4W and the NetDocuments platform to provide a ‘single version of the truth’.

Get one step closer to your clients and one step closer to the future with  Mozaique 

Mozaique is Accesspoint’s multi-faceted solution helping your firm bring together disparate applications and processes into one, intuitive portal accessible by your staff and clients. Customisable to suit your current requirements and adaptable to provide a future-proofed interface, Mozaique is a focused solution addressing the numerous challenges being posed by the use of multiple applications within a typical law firm.

Law Firms Must Embrace Digital Age

A digital presence is essential for law firms, as 83% of B2B purchasing decisions are made before clients engage with a firm, and potential clients will form an opinion about a firm’s website within 0.05 seconds. A clear, easy-to-navigate website that showcases a firm’s values and expertise can attract new enquiries from the right type of clients. Thought leadership articles, social media posts, and emails can also build a firm’s authority and grow their business.

Practical SEO advice in the competitive legal environment

The legal market is a highly competitive environment. Everyone in our beloved sector can witness it and the heat is constantly dialling up. A recent LexisNexis business development survey indicated that competition for new clients is the greatest concern that solicitors have. One of the most, if not the fiercest, competitive battlefields is Google.

Database Cleansing: 5 Reasons to Clean Your CRM Data

The impact that dirty data has on businesses is staggering. Luckily, you can clean up your CRM by contracting a professional for help. This will make your business more agile and responsive. It will also help you cut down on unnecessary costs.

SCV offers data clean up services to ensure that your records are error free and up to date. For more information, please email me at brett@scvbespoke.co.uk or call me on 07480 990 290. Alternatively, contact me by filling this form.

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