The (many) benefits of marketing campaigns

The (many) benefits of marketing campaigns

The (many) benefits of marketing campaigns

Writing a blog on occasion, posting some tweets or sending out an email or letter are all perfectly valid forms of marketing and may well secure some leads for your firm. But making sure that the various communication channels you use are all working together will make your message much stronger, and help build your brand’s image to boot. All of this can be achieved with an integrated marketing campaign.

What is a marketing campaign?

Marketing campaigns are organised efforts to achieve a particular marketing goal; for a firm of solicitors, this might be to promote a particular practice area or to get more customer reviews or testimonials. Most importantly, the various elements of the campaign, from social media posts to leaflets, from the campaign landing page to blogs, must all be ‘integrated’ – that is, send the same message and use the same imagery and branding.

So, what are the benefits?

Firstly, it is very difficult to measure the impact of your marketing if it is disjointed, with many disparate elements to keep track of. With a planned campaign, it is much easier to gauge the impact of your efforts. For example, you can set up unique web pages that can only be accessed from a single channel (such as a flyer or a Facebook advertisement) so that you know which method is driving the most engagement.

Another significant benefit of campaigns is that they drive trust and brand recognition. An integrated campaign gives an impression of reliability and consistency, promoting trust in your brand, in addition to helping prospects recognise and distinguish your brand in relation to others. Meanwhile, campaigns give you the opportunity not just to promote your services, but also your mission and values. This can help facilitate brand recognition on an emotional level as well; research suggests that 95.6% of Gen Z consumers and 83.7% of consumers from other generations are more inclined to be loyal to a brand whose values align with their own.

Thirdly, a campaign allows you to target certain ‘segments’ (i.e., groups that share a characteristic or set of characteristics) of your audience with a particular message. Sponsored social media and pay per click campaigns can be targeted at specific web users, while inexpensive email software allows you to easily pick and choose the segments you wish to target with a particular communication. Targeted marketing can save you a great deal of money, as it reduces the number of people for whom your campaign will be irrelevant.

Putting it all together

Finding the time and the right resource to put a campaign together can be difficult for busy legal professionals. TOMD has 20 years’ experience in assisting law firms to run successful marketing campaigns, so please call us on 01279 657555 or email

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