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About Cansford Laboratories

Cansford Laboratories is an award-winning and pioneering drug, alcohol and DNA testing laboratory.

UKAS-accredited and based in the UK, we are the fastest drug and alcohol testing laboratory, returning 99% of results within 3 working days of receipt.

We’re also proud to offer exceptional customer service – providing expert case support at every step; a professional collections service, wherever you are; and court-admissible results reporting.

Special Offers

Blood EtG testing at no extra cost when you order a PEth test for your client

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Why choose Cansford Laboratories?

We deliver test results quicker than any other UK lab, so you can manage your workload and stay ahead.

How Long For A Quote?

Apply for a quote by phone or online and we’ll provide one within two hours. Meaning the test can be booked in on the same day.

What Are The Sample Requirements?

Our unique hair testing method requires the smallest possible cutting from your client, and we also offer a fingerprick PEth blood test for needle-free collection (perfect for needle-phobes)

Which Areas Are Covered?

Our Cansford collections agents cover the whole of the UK, and collect from clients place of choice: home, GP surgery etc.

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