How Cansford Labs is quality-driven to ensure our drug and alcohol testing is of the highest quality and standard

How Cansford Labs is quality-driven to ensure our drug and alcohol testing is of the highest quality and standard

How Cansford Labs is quality-driven to ensure our drug and alcohol testing is of the highest quality and standard

Cansford Laboratories is delighted to announce we have been awarded two new ISO certifications namely, ISO9001 – Quality Assurance and ISO45001 – Occupational Health & Safety Management.

A team at the laboratory have spent several months working to the exacting standards required by the awarding body QMS.

About ISO 9001 – Quality Assurance

The ISO9001 award is a new mark for Cansford which means our offering to customers and clients is of the highest possible quality and standard. This means they can expect to receive:

  • Provision of products and services that consistently meet customers’ needs
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction through a processes of continual improvement
  • Conformity with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

The top five benefits of ISO 9001 for Cansford include:

  1. Increased efficiency: by following industry best-practice and focusing on quality Cansford can reduce costs.
  2. Increased revenue: through the reputation of ISO 9001 Cansford can be more efficient helping us to retain more customers and experience more repeat custom.
  3. Higher levels of customer satisfaction: we can increase customer confidence in our ability to deliver products and services.
  4. Improved supplier relationships: because the certification ensures best-practice processes are in place which can contribute to more efficient supply chains, certification increases our customer confidence in our processes.
  5. Improved employee morale: by improving internal communications we ensure everyone works to one agenda.

About ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety Management

ISO 45001 is the other newly-awarded accreditation for Cansford, hot on the heels of being awarded ISO9001. It is the international standard for occupational health and safety management (replacing the OHSAS 18001 standard), designed to improve workplace operations and employee safety.

The top five benefits of being on the ISO45001 framework for Cansford include:

1.           Establish controls to ensure legal compliance: ISO 45001 will help our lab establish operational controls which take into account risks and opportunities, as well as legal and other requirements.

2.           Increase Health and Safety Awareness: Having an OH&S management system will help Cansford increase employee awareness of Occupational Health and Safety risks, ensuring our staff take an active role in health and safety matters

3.           Enhance our Reputation: Achieving certification to this standard is recognition Cansford has achieved an international benchmark, which boosts our social value and social responsibilities

4.           Improve Management of H&S Compliance Issues: ISO 45001 helps to improve our ability to respond to regulatory compliance issues, reducing the overall costs of incidents and downtime

5.           Better Manage Health and Safety Risks: The standard helps us to determine hazards and the health and safety risks associated with our activities; seeking to either eliminate them or put controls in place to minimise their effects

Kim Bagley, Managing Director, Cansford Laboratories, says: “I’m delighted we have been awarded the new ISO standard awards.

“It is recognition and proof, that Cansford continually seeks to introduce and improve our processes, which are not just benefits our staff and business, but also add value for our customers and clients.”

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