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Although the world appears to be more inclusive now than ever before, figures show that the LGBT+ community still suffers from terrible hate crimes and abuse.

Heir Hunters: Ethical Considerations And Best Practices

For legal professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of heir hunting, Blanchard’s latest article offers a fascinating insight into this unique and often misunderstood niche.

Read about how they navigate ethical considerations, ensure transparency, and uphold privacy standards to connect people with their rightful inheritance.

The importance of good reviews

Did you know that 63% of consumers check reviews before visiting a business?

Our latest TOMD article highlights the importance of Google reviews for businesses and offers practical steps to accumulate them. It covers setting up a Google Business Profile, routinely asking clients for reviews, and creating a simple guide to help clients leave feedback.

Lead magnets – what are they, and how can they help you?

This article discusses the importance of using lead magnets to build an email list for client communication. A lead magnet is a valuable resource offered for free, such as a guide or checklist, in exchange for a potential client’s contact details. This strategy helps attract new clients and ensures compliance with GDPR by requiring user consent.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for Law Firms: Best Practices

In this article, Dan Hodges, Head of Account Management at Conscious Solutions, shares key digital marketing strategies for law firms, emphasising the importance of a well-designed website with SEO-optimised content as the foundation. He explains how PPC on platforms like Google and Facebook can drive immediate inquiries and offers tips for conducting a PPC audit, defining campaign goals, and performing keyword research.

How To Recover An Unclaimed Estate

Blanchards discusses the complexities and opportunities of unclaimed estates, which are assets left behind by deceased individuals without clear heirs.
Reasons for unclaimed estates include lack of estate planning, unknown heirs, legal disputes, and absence of an executor.

What are the leading causes and challenges of burnout among lawyers, and how do they differ from other high-stress professions?

Lawyers often find themselves navigating high-pressure environments, juggling demanding workloads, and striving for perfection in their profession. However, these challenges come at a cost, with burnout emerging as a prevalent issue in the legal field. From the competitive nature of law school to the long, unsociable working hours and the common traits among lawyers, various factors contribute to the heightened risk of burnout in this profession.

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