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What are the leading causes and challenges of burnout among lawyers, and how do they differ from other high-stress professions?

Lawyers often find themselves navigating high-pressure environments, juggling demanding workloads, and striving for perfection in their profession. However, these challenges come at a cost, with burnout emerging as a prevalent issue in the legal field. From the competitive nature of law school to the long, unsociable working hours and the common traits among lawyers, various factors contribute to the heightened risk of burnout in this profession.

How to deal with stress at work in the legal sector

It’s easy to forget sometimes, but there really is nothing normal or inevitable about constant pressure, unrealistic expectations or feeling overwhelmed, yet these seem to be ever-present elements of the day-to-day of a lawyer. To help you manage workplace stress, we take a closer look at some of the practical steps you can implement to take back control of your workload and safeguard your wellbeing.

10 ways to support each other in the workplace

We all want to be happy at work and the good news is there are small, simple, everyday things we can do to support each other in the workplace that can make a difference to people’s wellbeing and productivity individually and collectively. Respect and civility It doesn’t matter how busy or stressed you are, you […]

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