Find new clients on virtual law platform Lawyer 365

Find new clients on virtual law platform Lawyer 365

Find new clients on virtual law platform Lawyer 365

Law firms are constantly seeking new ways to stay ahead of the competition and market their legal services. Like all businesses, law firms need to be marketing themselves to attract new potential clients and must consistently engage with prospects at every point in the customer journey to succeed. In the digital age, where attention is a currency, this has never been more important.

So where does it all start for customers who are looking for a lawyer?

A recent study found that 96% of people look for law firms through a search engine such as Google or Bing, so it’s clear that people are searching online for lawyers to help them with their matters. I will be explaining in this article how Lawyer 365 takes all of this into consideration with its innovative app and how law firms can take advantage in this digital era and turn online searches into new instructions.

What is Lawyer 365?

Lawyer 365 is an innovative platform and mobile app to help people get access to expert legal advice, quickly and cost-effectively. Users can choose and find lawyers based on many different variables and quality indicators listed on the web and app. Here is a quick review.

Within the large database of qualified legal professionals on the platform, including criminal law, immigration law, family law, business law, employment law, intellectual property law, wills and probate, property and conveyancing, contract disputes, and personal injury there is specific factors which rank lawyers in each search.

The legal services available on Lawyer 365 range from free initial legal advice consultations for 15 minutes to detailed video conferences with top lawyers for up to £350 an hour. Users can also opt to instruct lawyers formally through the platform by purchasing ‘fixed fees’ services such as representations for divorce applications or visa applications, so they can take advantage of an agreed fee between themselves and the law firm.

Before deciding, users can read reviews and bios on the different lawyers and law firm profiles or conduct a brief ‘Chat’ with the lawyer using the app’s instant messaging feature. Users can also compare prices and expertise quickly using the large database of lawyers on the platform.

How do users find lawyers on Lawyer 365?

Lawyer 365 app offers two search options for users, a lawyer matchmaking-style service and a simplified search based on location.

Results can be displayed as a list or on a map and you can filter by the type of advice such as immigration, family, crime, wills, probate, business, employment, property, contracts, or personal injury.

Once you have chosen the lawyer you wish to consult, you can specify the exact 15, 30, or 60-minute appointment slot based on a real-time calendar matching service.  

You can message your preferred lawyer through Lawyer 365 app or book a video consultation. Each law firm is given a response rating out of five stars which indicates how good they are at responding to inquiries.

Video consultations on Lawyer 365

Lawyers on the platform can help with almost everything over a video consultation in the same way a traditional lawyer can face to face. Seeing a lawyer on Lawyer 365 app is just like seeing a traditional solicitor, but much more comfortable and convenient. Users do not have to download the app, however this will depend on what device they are using to consult. If they are using a laptop or a computer, then they can have their digital consultation via the web page. If they are using a mobile phone to consult though, they will need to download the app to have the best experience.

The platform and all consultations are completely private and confidential, just as they would be in an office, with SSL technology encrypting and protecting all information transmitted through the platform.

Although users can have a free 15-minute consultation, 60% of clients find that a 1-hour detailed consultation is what they need to resolve their issue. To ensure clients are given a variety of options to choose from, lawyers can set their own fee for the 1-hour consultation, so they can remain competitive and win new business.

Can it help law firms with finding new clients?

Lawyer 365 is free to download for its users which makes it an attractive platform for those looking for lawyers. Users can make as many searches as they like and book as many free initial video consultations with as many lawyers as they like at no cost. The only time you will have to pay fees is if you engage a lawyer that does not offer free consultations, or you wish to start working with them but that will always be agreed upon upfront and made transparent to you.

Our large-scale research has confirmed that there is a real public and small business appetite for better information about legal service providers and that SRA research before the Transparency rules came in found that more than half of consumers assumed using a solicitor was unaffordable.

The options that Lawyer 365 gives to its users reflect this unmet legal need in the legal industry. Consumers want support on an initial fee-free basis and want to know about service quickly and by giving them access to the very best lawyers at critical times in their life, this value – will trickle down to the law firms who participate. The key for law firms is to enable consumers to garner enough information about a legal matter to give them trust and assurances and then build the relationship which will result in them instructing you and becoming a client.

What do lawyers say about Lawyer 365?

Most lawyers are comfortable with video technology and completely understand how it can help their clients get advice quickly and easily. Rudi Kesic, CEO of Lawtech 365 Group explains “the demand for this form of communication will continue to increase in the coming years and lawyers understand that a legal-specific app such as Lawyer 365, where consumers can find and contact lawyers who otherwise would not be found online – is truly ground-breaking for the sector”.

Overall, the feedback from consumers, lawyers, and other key stakeholders in the legal industry has been overwhelmingly positive. Mr Gurpreet Bhatia, partner at HSC Solicitors in Birmingham, one of the early adopters of the platform, commented: “With the acceleration of virtual law on the back of social distancing, Lawyer 365 is truly a tailwind growth story that provides a sneak peek into what the future of law holds”.

Suezanne King, partner at SMQ Legal LLP in Oxford and Bedford said “With the acceleration of virtual law on the back of social distancing, Lawyer 365 is truly a tailwind growth story that provides a sneak peek into what the future of law holds. It has been a true pleasure working with the Lawyer 365 team and we wish them the best of luck on the journey to come.”

Patrick Campbell, partner at BCM Law said “Lawyer 365 have been a great help to us in growing our business”.

In a recent legal conference, co-founder Azeem Rashid explained the platform is quickly growing to expand internationally. “It’s becoming very popular not only in the UK, which is the our key market – but also internationally, and the I believe it will continue to grow and become a ‘major disruptor’ of the legal sector”.

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