Outsourcing CRM Data: 5 Reasons to Use a Provider Specialising in Your Industry

Outsourcing CRM Data: 5 Reasons to Use a Provider Specialising in Your Industry

Outsourcing CRM Data: 5 Reasons to Use a Provider Specialising in Your Industry

If you had debilitating pain from a toothache, you wouldn’t visit an optician to fix the problem, right? The same case should apply to outsourcing legal data. An industry-specific provider would be best for reasons we’ll cover ‌shortly.

But before that, let’s see why you need Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

If you don’t already have a system in place, you should, and here’s why:

85% of survey participants cited improved customer experience (and this is where the money is) as one of the reasons for using CRMs. That’s because the systems give real-time analytics, which can help you to turbocharge your effectiveness in making client-related decisions.

Even better, you can get an ROI of up to £7.33 for every £1 you spend on CRM.

What does all that have to do with data?

Well, good CRM can cost anywhere from £42 to £840 per user. So, if you outsource data to use within the system, you need to do it from a company that knows what it’s doing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recoup the amount of money you’ll spend on your investment.

Read on to see how using a supplier in the legal sector can help you.

Benefits of Sourcing Data From a Company That Is Familiar With The Legal Industry

Here are the advantages:

An Industry-Specific Expert Has Invaluable Experience

Such a provider has industry knowledge regarding the everyday realities of the legal field. This means they have fine-tuned their techniques and approaches to meet and exceed customer expectations.

A Provider Specialising in Your Field Understands Its Legalities

A reputable data provider complies with GDPR requirements when acquiring and storing legal prospects. So you’ll be sure they aren’t breaking the law, which could put you in trouble.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Quality Issues

A provider with legal sector knowledge knows the checks and balances to apply to ensure the data is of high quality. Therefore, you can be assured that your hard-earned money won’t go down the drain.

You can expect the data to be:

  • Usable
  • Accurate
  • Current
  • Complete

Sourcing Data Lists From Industry Experts is Cheaper

Using an independent legal data provider is cost-effective. With them, you’ll only need to incur a one-off cost or pay for their services when you need them, and that’s it.

But if you have an in-house team, you must cater to weekly/monthly salaries and other overhead costs required to run a whole department.

Data From Industry Experts Is Already Hyper-Personalised

Your provider will capture data from various sources, some of which will be manual. This data will require inputting, sorting (to remove unrelated contacts), validation, and organising. In other words, your provider will have‌ sifted through the data and put it in a presentable format to save you the trouble.

Ready to Get Your CRM Prospects From a Provider Specialising in Your Sector?

SCV Bespoke is your best bet when it comes to outsourcing for people looking to target professionals in law firms. We’ve been in the industry for a decade; hence understand what it takes to provide quality data that will help you reach key decision-makers.

You can purchase data from our database of over 60,000 contact details for UK professionals. Alternatively, we can tailor our service to your requirements if you want to reach a niche-specific target audience.

What’s more? We are GDPR compliant.

Would you like to place an order or get more information regarding our service? Click here to contact the team at SCV Bespoke.

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