Remember A Charity Week: What’s it all about?

Remember A Charity Week: What’s it all about?

Remember A Charity Week: What’s it all about?

Every September, charities, solicitors and professional Will-writers come together for Remember A Charity Week to celebrate and raise awareness of charitable gifts in Will. Find out how you can get involved and use the Week as a platform to promote your Will-writing services, and to engage with new and existing clients.

Remember A Charity encourages the general public to consider how they can impact the world beyond their lifetime by leaving a gift to their favourite charities and supporting vital services for future generations. The national awareness week, running 11-17 September 2023 is a key opportunity for solicitors and professional Will-writers to open up conversations around charitable estates and the relevant tax breaks linked with legacy giving. This campaign draws together almost 200 charities from across the country, and over 800 solicitors and Will-writers all championing the message of giving from your Will.

Why is this so important?

Research carried out by the Cabinet Office shows that people are twice as likely to give when a professional adviser like you mentions the opportunity of doing so[1]. You can help by simply reminding them that leaving a gift is an option, ensuring they have all the information they need to take care of everything they care about in their Will – family, loved ones and good causes alike.

While the campaign promotes charitable Will-writing all year round, Remember A Charity Week sees the launch of a dedicated and high-profile consumer campaign, designed to help make conversations about estate planning, and this very special form of giving, even more commonplace. Messaging will be shared on print, broadcast and digital media, with shareable social posts and other free assets for solicitors and Will-writers that take part.

Campaign Supporters – resources for talking gifts in Wills

With a mission to normalise giving to charity from your Will, our free Campaign Supporter scheme gives you access to resources and exclusive digital marketing assets to help you make the most of the Week and start up those all-important legacy conversations.

This dialogue can be crucial, not only in building awareness around gifts in Wills, but in helping clients understand the flexibility of giving in this way. Conveying that charitable donations don’t have to be a minimum amount, that they can be directed towards any cause and that they can fit around supporters’ gifts for family and friends all helps to empower clients to take action and fulfil their philanthropic goals.

Participating in Remember A Charity Week doesn’t require any free Will offering, simply the willingness to make relevant clients aware of the option of giving from their Will. All our Campaign Supporters are listed in our searchable directory for charity supporters looking for help in writing their Wills.

Join us in helping make conversations about gifts in Wills a social norm; something that everyone considers when they write their Will.

To find out more about our Campaign Supporter scheme for solicitors and Will-writers, and to take part in Remember A Charity Week (11-17 September 2023), visit

[1] Legacy giving and behavioural insights, Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team, 2016

About the author
Lucinda Frostick is Director of Remember A Charity, a 200-strong consortium of UK charities whose mission is to grow and normalise giving to charity from your Will. Working closely with government and legal partners, the consortium runs a Campaign Supporter scheme, providing resources and a free web listing service for solicitors and Will-writers that commit...