The Legal Website Specialists you need to know about

The Legal Website Specialists you need to know about

The Legal Website Specialists you need to know about

Not many of you are aware that Accesspoint design and develop websites for law firms. Predominantly, we’re well-known in the legal sector for our Legal IT Solutions, but our services for law firms extend way beyond that and into the world of creativity.

We’ve designed websites for HSR Law Solicitors, Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors, TV Edwards Solicitors, A&N Care Solicitors and more that are still in the pipeline. We’ve watched our clients reap the rewards of their new sites because we don’t just focus on creating compelling website designs, we focus on creating a system that alleviates your fee-earners’ time. Just one example being our intelligent automations that dynamically take information from your website enquiry forms, then populate them directly into your Practice & Case Management System (PCMS). With this technology we also digitise conveyancing quotes, Wills questionnaires and much more, all linked directly to your PCMS. Streamline and accurate or what?

We do however understand that a new website is a big investment. And if you’re sat thinking, “how do I even know if I need a new website?” You may want to start by asking yourself a few of these questions:

  • Does my website look modern and like it’s ready for 2024?
  • Is my website fast loading? Test it using Google’s tool here.
  • Is my website menu easy to navigate? Is it easy to click through and quickly find what I want?
  • People shop with their eyes: is my site appealing? Does it have enough images?
  • Does my home page act as a shop window for my whole site? Does it include shortcuts to the service parent pages and links to my team and recent news?
  • Is the mobile version of my site responsive?
  • Does my website use the tone of voice of lawyers or clients?
  • Is my site optimised for search engines and SEO friendly?

If you find yourself pondering over any of these questions, keep reading.

Why would a new website benefit you?

Increase Client Enquiries

Historically, the Legal sector is heavily reliant on gaining clients from referrals, which are great, but can cap your client reach and limit the rate at which your law firm can scale. A high-performing, data-driven website unleashesyour digital presence and attracts a wealth of new clients, whilst raising awareness of your legal services to existing clients and capturing the opportunity for cross-selling.

Websites continuously evolve. Gone were the days of having a basic web presence! If you fail to adopt new thinking and on-going improvements, you will see less traffic and a low search engine ranking. Your website must look the part to entice people, but how can people be enticed if they cannot find you through Google? And then it also needs to be good. Your website must look the part and play the part, and we ensure just that.

Maximise Client Retention

The legal sector is like no other. Clients predominantly access your website when looking for help with their legal issues. By default, this means clients may only visit your website a handful of times, so it’s crucial that your website capitalises on these visits as much as possible to maximise revenue.

Even with referred clients, we understand that your website is the first thing a potential client encounters. So we design your website to an unbeatable standard with custom designs that reflect your brand. We’re in the business of creating a memorable platform for your visitors and a pleasant user experience.

Improve Google Search Rankings

Your website has the potential to rank number one for multiple keywords. 

More than often, we see law firms Googling themselves and believing they are performing well, when they’re simply inputting search terms that clients don’t search (but lawyers do!) which gives a false positive.

Our experts understand there’s a dis-joint between lawyer speak and client speak and using the right tone of voice matters. We develop our websites with this in mind and ensure your website contains keywords that clients are actually searching for, not the keywords you believe they’re searching for.

Why Accesspoint?

Our promise is to create an enticing, SRA Compliant, user-friendly, super-fast, easy to navigate website that generates your firm more leads. Combine this with our digital marketing and SEO services, and you’ve got an efficient online strategy driving as many prospects to your site as possible and converting those prospects into clients.

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, a lot of firms are left confused: there can be a lack of reporting and communication, which leaves you feeling a bit ‘left in the dark’ with nothing but a data-driven report with no explanation, and some marketing jargon you don’t understand. We hate that. So, we agree on a strategy and work towards that strategy, then we analyse the results from our digital marketing and SEO work; then set up monthly catchups with you to report back in the most human and understanding way possible, exactly what the results are and what we’ve been doing, and what we can then do next together. We remove all the jargon and lay everything out in simple terms so you understand what you’re paying for and what you’re getting back from your investment.

If you want to talk about all things websites, pop us a message today. Even if you’re still unsure, speak to us and we can conduct a free website audit to point out to you what parts of your site could benefit from the Accesspoint touch.

P.S. This website you’re on right now is also designed by Accesspoint.

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