The cost of dying in 2024

The cost of dying in 2024

The cost of dying in 2024

The latest SunLife report has revealed a troubling trend in the UK: the cost of dying has reached a record high of £9,658.

With funeral expenses, professional fees, and send-off costs skyrocketing, families are under immense financial strain. Compounded by rising inflation and limited government support, the burden on grieving families continues to worsen. This trend is further underscored by a substantial 126% increase in expenses over the past two decades, indicating the severity of the situation.

In the face of these challenges, many families are struggling to manage their loved one’s affairs amidst financial stress and health concerns, creating high demand for expert guidance and support.

This is where Blanchards Ltd can help, offering a lifeline to both families and law firms alike. As a renowned authority in probate research and inheritance matters, Blanchards provides invaluable assistance in navigating estate administration complexities. With years of experience and a dedicated team, we specialise in uncovering unclaimed assets, tracing beneficiaries, and resolving probate disputes.

Law firms partnering with Blanchards gain access to a wealth of expertise and resources, enhancing their ability to serve clients effectively. By engaging with us, law firms can offer comprehensive support to families grappling with probate and inheritance matters, ensuring their clients receive the best possible guidance and assistance during challenging times.

Moreover, our commitment to client satisfaction means law firms can trust in our professionalism and dedication to providing personalised attention every step of the way. From identifying entitled beneficiaries to securing rightful inheritance, we work closely with law firms to tailor their services to meet the unique needs of each client.

Considering the growing crisis surrounding the cost of dying in the UK, it’s essential for law firms to collaborate with trusted partners like Blanchards. With our expertise and support, law firms can navigate probate complexities with confidence, knowing they have a reliable ally by their side to ensure their clients’ interests are protected.

Don’t let probate and inheritance matters overwhelm your clients. Partner with Blanchards and let our expertise guide you in providing exceptional service and support to your clients.

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