The SAM Club help Irish forestry firm Coillte save over €40k in licensing costs

The SAM Club help Irish forestry firm Coillte save over €40k in licensing costs

The SAM Club help Irish forestry firm Coillte save over €40k in licensing costs

About Coillte

Based just outside Dublin, Coillte are privileged custodians of 7% of Ireland’s forests and land extending over 440,000 hectares. Over the last 30 years, Coillte have cared for and developed their estate and businesses while being firmly focused on maximising the financial and social potential of these natural resources in a sustainable way. Coillte have three high potential businesses: Forestry, Land Solutions and Medite Smartply. Medite Smartply is Ireland’s leading producer of innovative, environmentally friendly wood panel products and exports to 32 countries worldwide.


Coillte had a Microsoft EA renewal looming and with costs constantly increasing it is often difficult to justify increasing budgets to the business. With the business evolving and making the move to Microsoft 365 subscription licensing there were further complexities to consider such as Microsoft licensing rules that are always changing. There were also some legacy perpetual licenses that Coillte had previously invested in that would no longer be required and just sitting dormant. The business was concerned about over investing and getting value for money, but also about under investing whilst ensuring they were compliant from a licensing perspective. Coillte wanted to get it right and in the most cost-effective way, so they turned to Software Recycling and The SAM Club for advice.


The SAM Club was recommended to Coillte by Software Recycling due to its proven and demonstrable expertise in Microsoft licensing strategies. Coillte liked the idea of the License Review service as the approach is practical, pragmatic, fully forecasts licensing option costs and delivers clear and actionable recommendations with clear explanations to ensure compliance. As The SAM Club is independent and does not resell software the advice given around the EA negotiations was impartial and provided the best outcome for Coillte, allowing them to choose their preferred license reseller and achieve the best pricing discounts for the new agreement.

How The SAM Club ensured compliance and secured a 10% concession for Coillte

About The SAM Club

At The SAM Club, we specialise in independent software asset management advisory services. Our mission is to empower organisations by streamlining their software asset management processes and driving cost savings

  • Asset Discovery and Cataloguing: We discover and catalogue all your software assets. This ensures that they are accessible at any time and guarantees audit readiness and compliance.
  • License Management Expertise: Our team assists with license renewals and documents termination clauses and notice periods. This prevents organisations from paying for unnecessary or unwanted licenses
  • Optimising SaaS Portals: We analyse Microsoft 365 and cloud portals to optimise license utilisation. Our focus is on efficient leavers and joiners processes, ensuring that you’re not overpaying for licenses you don’t actually need.
  • Cost Optimisation for Cloud: We delve into Azure cloud environments, maximising the usage of Hybrid benefits and Savings plans. This results in significant cost savings for your organisation.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: As a club, we operate on a fair quarterly fee basis. There are no hidden costs— just straightforward access to our services.

We are so confident in our ability to save you money that we believe our cost savings will exceed our fee.


As a baseline, The SAM Club compared licenses installed with those owned, enabling any discrepancies to be resolved, and ensuring compliance.

Reviewing Coillte’s current license position The SAM Club identified some smarter ways to license and reduce costs. One example was checking whether the versioning was correct, did a user need Microsoft 365 E3 based on analysing their current usage or would the E1 plan be adequate?

In addition, The SAM Club documented surplus licenses that were no longer required and helped Coillte identify a potential unexpected financial windfall of just over €40k from these redundant software assets which included Core CALS, Office Pro Plus, Windows Server Standard, 2 Core plus other licenses.

Following The SAM Club’s guidance and suggestions with negotiating the new Enterprise Agreement, a 10% concession was achieved which was a further welcome saving.

Paul McGrath said “As any IT Director knows – Renewing your Microsoft EA is not for the faint hearted! – With the expert product and commercial knowledge provided by Ian from The SAM Club, we navigated our way through to a new EA Agreement which I’m comfortable is the best deal we could have achieved for a company of our size. I am very glad that I followed up on the recommendation to give them a call as they more than proved their worth, and I know who I will be calling the next time around”

Join us at The SAM Club and experience efficient software asset management like never before!

About the author
Ian Nicholls, Managing Director at The SAM Club, leverages over a decade of experience in Software Asset Management. With a rich 30-year background in the legal sector, including a stint at Aderant and an in-house role at a law firm, Ian simplifies software licensing, ensuring cost savings and compliance for clients. A sports enthusiast, Ian...