Helping Law Firms Remain Compliant, Take Control of Their Time and Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Helping Law Firms Remain Compliant, Take Control of Their Time and Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Helping Law Firms Remain Compliant, Take Control of Their Time and Improve Efficiency and Productivity

With industry sources suggesting that over 70% of legal professionals struggle to complete essential training and learning activities, we asked clients and industry partners for their feedback regarding how an online learning strategy can impact challenges and improve efficiencies.

Here’s what we found out …

Top Challenges

  1. Fitting essential training around busy schedules and workloads to ensure regulatory standards and responsibilities for risk and compliance are met;
  2. Enabling legal professionals to maintain and evidence continuing professional competence;
  3. Providing a relevant training solution to support post-COVID agile working practices;
  4. Ensuring the learning culture across the whole organisation is supported with access to both personal and professional workplace skills training for self-directed learning;
  5. Engaging staff with varied course formats and interactivity to meet both role-related training needs and individual learning preferences;
  6. Creating efficiencies in time consuming activities such as on-boarding and induction;
  7. Monitoring and evidencing completion of essential training and development activities for external compliance and internal performance indicators.

Solutions and Benefits

eAlliance Learning Technology has implemented digital learning solutions into a number of small to medium sized law firms. Here’s a selection of feedback from those firms regarding the benefits and efficiencies we have been able to facilitate:

  • Cloud-based learning technology provides a flexible, cost-effective means of implementing a secure hosting environment for all our online training and development needs without impacting on our own IT infrastructures;
  • Implementation and roll-out of a new online learning system across our multi-sited organisation was seamless and easy for all involved;
  • Training can be accessed securely though both office-based systems and mobile devices, including a learning App, which offers great flexibility for everyone and is ideal for our hybrid working policy;
  • Management teams have total visibility of all training activity completions, enabling them to ensure that the firm remains compliant and risk averse, whilst evidencing achievement of training required for accreditation purposes;
  • Bespoke on-boarding programmes, including health and safety and other practice-specific content, cover mandatory compliance, operational and cultural training requirements for new starters at the firm. As a result, the HR team has seen significant improvements in time saving on co-ordination and delivery of induction, whilst benefitting their own productivity and efficiency;
  • Specialist cyber security training is enabling the creation of a culture of awareness and resilience against the increasing threat that law firms appear to be subject to;
  • Course formats are varied, with a lot of high quality video-based content which appeals to a diversity of learning styles and preferences amongst our teams.

“Data from our learning platform shows that there has been a 23% improvement in all course completions across the practice over the past 12-month period.”

Wilkin Chapman LLP

eAlliance Learning Technology partners with Access Legal to provide market leading digital learning solutions designed to meet the exact needs of every firm that we work with. In addition to customised learning platforms, we deliver off-the-shelf training designed specifically for law firms, much of which is written in accordance with SRA and LEXCEL standards. We also provide accredited courses and programmes written by our own curriculum experts for personal and professional development, together with a range of practice management tools to help firms take control of their time, improve efficiency and productivity.

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With over 20 years’ experience in online learning and compliance, John created eAlliance Learning Technology to provide businesses and organisations with specialist bespoke online training and compliance solutions that would enable them to move away from ‘one size fits all’ mainstream Learning Management Systems. Combining professionally written training courses and materials specifically designed for law...