An Introduction to Tracing Direct

An Introduction to Tracing Direct

An Introduction to Tracing Direct

Regarded as one of the most efficient, swift, and responsive finders of people. Tracing direct has been committed to assisting organisations identify rightful beneficiaries to both intestate and testate estates for over fifteen years.

Established in 2007, Tracing Direct has developed a successful and proven strategy to locate unknown beneficiaries around the globe. Their proficient team includes a specialised group of genealogists, probate researchers and agents who work truthfully, discreetly and accurately to enable your clients estate to be distributed with peace of mind.

Proud members of The Society of Genealogists, it’s their expertise in research and genealogy combined with cutting-edge technology, and their no find no fee policy that sets them apart, making them the perfect partner for solicitors dealing with unclaimed estates worldwide. With only a small amount of information, Tracing Direct can provide a wealth of results, achieving a successful outcome in finding missing beneficiaries.

Tracing Direct pride themselves on providing a complete and comprehensive service. If the deceased has not left a will Tracing Direct will locate all beneficiaries. Their knowledgeable team of researchers have an extensive process which includes building a complete family tree, obtaining copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates to prove a claim and producing a detailed and concise report of the research conducted. Although marriage certificates are readily available, divorces are harder to confirm, Tracing Direct can also find and obtain copies of a decree absolute if one exists. Whether or not the deceased has left a Will, there can be hurdles to overcome.

At Tracing Direct they are about people, they understand that life has both ups and downs and circumstances are rarely straightforward. Their multi faceted approach means that they can provide solutions for a spectrum of possible outcomes when identifying beneficiaries. Everything ranging from confirming whether or not a Will has been made in the first instance, to land registry searches for properties, and unclaimed assets searches for hidden financial equity. As professional probate genealogists, Tracing Direct has built up a specialist network of partnered archivists and record keepers worldwide over many years. This supports their research in countries around the world, giving them the unique ability to access local, historical, and electoral rolls that may generally not be available publicly. Their service offers a one stop solution for solicitors. A small specialised team, they provide an approachable and personal service with a wealth of knowledge and experience big enough to meet any challenge. Proficient in managing the complexities of accumulating and collating sensitive information from potential beneficiaries on a global scale.

At Tracing Direct they understand that each case is unique, its with this in mind they offer multiple fee options, providing an opportunity to make a choice that is best tailored to your clients circumstances.

You are welcome to get in touch with the Tracing Direct team here and they will be happy to help you just like they have helped thousands across the last fifteen years.

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