The Case of Connie White

The Case of Connie White

The Case of Connie White

When it comes to family trees, there are often surprises hidden around every corner. What appears on the surface to be a simple and direct family history search can quickly escalate into an expansive and multi generational case, with beneficiaries that cross continents. It’s instances like this that can often result in lengthy delays in case resolutions for solicitors and their clients. These complications require the expertise of genealogical research, allowing for accurate identification of missing beneficiaries and construction of often complicated family trees in order to identify rightful heirs.

At Tracing Direct, we specialise in the process of identifying, tracing and locating beneficiaries. If no Will has been made or cannot be found, then our experienced team of probate researchers will work to locate those who are entitled to a share of the deceased’s estate.

A key component of what makes Tracing Direct a leading expert in our field is our effective ability to competently identify those entitled to inherit from the deceased. Where an initially straight forward case begins to take a complicated turn, our team has all the tools necessary to provide a swift outcome.

This was true with the estate of the late Connie White nee Davies, daughter of Thomas Ernest Davies and Sarah Jones. A fascinating case that was initially thought to be a straightforward claim, but quickly grew into a multi generational claim of over 60 entitled beneficiaries.

In May 2022 Tracing Direct were instructed to locate beneficiaries to the intestate estate of Connie White. With only the death certificate to work with, the team started their research using only the deceased’s date of birth and maiden name. Establishing that the deceased was an only child Tracing Direct launched a full investigation working back through the family history, and quickly established that the family tree and list of potential beneficiaries was much larger than initially anticipated by the client.

The team worked to build and verify a comprehensive family tree for both the maternal and
paternal sides of the family of the deceased. Once completed, the team were able to accurately identify 63 beneficiaries to the estate, with those eligible spanning across 3 generations. Tracing Direct coordinated and effectively compiled all relevant information needed to accurately identify each beneficiary, all accompanying paperwork to document and prove each claim was provided to the solicitor.

A case like this can be daunting without the key knowledge, understanding and insight that allows for effective research and compilation of family trees where the next of kin are unknown.

But with over 50 years combined experience, Tracing Direct has been trusted by individuals and solicitors from across the globe to provide quick, accurate results that are a key component in navigating the estate administration process.

If you would like to discuss any particular case you have with the experts at Tracing Direct, feel free to use their contact form and speak with them directly.

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