Tracing Direct – Experts at tracing beneficiaries – Case Study on Pamela Lamb

Tracing Direct – Experts at tracing beneficiaries – Case Study on Pamela Lamb

Tracing Direct – Experts at tracing beneficiaries – Case Study on Pamela Lamb

Locating missing beneficiaries can be a daunting process. Without access to the right contacts, data, or sources, it can seem difficult to know where to start. This, coupled with the potential beneficiaries being located overseas, can make the difficult feel almost impossible.

Tracing Direct have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to help you locate missing beneficiaries from across the globe. It’s this unique skillset combined with their years of experience that meant they were able to locate lost beneficiaries to an estate that had been left unsolved for 2 years.

Pamela Lamb died in August 2015 in Sharnbrook, England. With an estate in partial intestacy and no direct beneficiaries to speak of, the case was put out to a tracing agency. With little success, the agency advised the solicitors that the family bloodline had died out, leaving no beneficiaries to the residue of the estate. Although no beneficiaries were found the estate was charged over four and a half thousand pounds by that tracing agent for their work.

In 2018 Tracing Direct decided to look over the case, with nothing to go on and a previous conclusion by another tracing company that the estate had no beneficiaries. They began to work the estate in July 2018, and in just a short time quickly established that there could be a beneficiary overseas.

Tracing Direct proceeded to fully establish and investigate the family tree of the deceased, and in doing so they ascertained that 4 family lines had indeed died out. However by utilising their advanced knowledge in locating individuals from across the globe, they were able to confirm that a 5th family line had not been discovered by the previous tracing agency.

They proceeded to build a database referencing shipping records, overseas census records, databases, and their relationships with specialist researchers overseas to confirm that the newly discovered 5th line had emigrated to Canada. Tracing Direct were able to make contact with the family and establish the identity of 4 entitled beneficiaries to the estate.

Tracing Direct guided the beneficiaries through submitting a fully documented claim to the solicitor. Assisting step by step throughout the process, including offering expert guidance on obtaining all relevant birth, death and marriage certificates to prove the bloodline.

It’s their passion, knowledge, and unique expertise that meant that a case that had been left cold for 2 years was able to be solved by Tracing Direct in a matter of weeks.

If you would like to discuss any particular case you have with the experts at Tracing Direct, feel free to use their contact form and speak with them directly.

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