NetDocuments & P4W

NetDocuments & P4W

NetDocuments & P4W

Until recently, if you were using P4W and wanted your firm to implement the NetDocuments solution, it meant the introduction of an application that was stand-alone and outside the controlled environment for document production that you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Now Accesspoint have created a seamless workflow between P4W and the NetDocuments platform to provide a ‘single version of the truth’. Combining the power of these two solutions, the integration includes:

  • Automatic Client, Matter and Workspace creation to eliminate duplication and maintain compliance standards
  • P4W Case Agenda folders mapped to NetDocuments so that all documents produced; whether via NetDocuments or P4W, are saved to one, highly secure location.
  • Access to documents generated from existing P4W templates
  • Seamless access to documents stored in the NetDocuments Cloud from the P4W Case Manager matter
  • Access to P4W Documents on the move including through the NetDocuments Mobile App

NetDocuments is the leading cloud-based document and email management service for law firms, accounting firms, professional service and corporate organisations.

  • NetDocuments is the most vetted, validated and transparent cloud platform in legal technology.
  • Provides best-in-industry encryption by individually encrypting each document with a unique AES-256 encryption key produced with quantum tunnelling to ensure completely random and unbreakable keys.
  • Is the only document management vendor in legal technology that has a pure cloud DNA and has a proven track record of delivering cloud technology to firms since 1999.
  • NetDocuments always has been, and always will be, a 100% true cloud platform. Because we only have one single instance cloud platform to support (vs numerous hosted instances) it means 100% of our time, money and focus is going to the cloud platform your firm will be using.
  • Has the most battle-hardened cloud platform in legal technology with over 3,500 firms with 200,000 daily users, and an average of 500 new users each and every week.
  • Provides multiple user experiences to adapt to every type of professional in the firm, ensuring maximum levels of user adoption. Firms running NetDocuments have an average user adoption rate of over 97%.

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As an accredited NetDocuments Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Sales Referral and Implementations Partner, Accesspoint can now assist firms right from the beginning of the procurement process through to implementation of the NetDocuments solution.

With expert knowledge of the NetDocuments suite, we can help you find the best NetDocuments solution for your firm.

The Accesspoint team will be there to guide your firm through every step of the way from planning the project, designing and implementing the solution, training end users, and providing data migration services.

If your firm uses P4W and you’re interested in finding out more about how an integrated NetDocuments solution can work for you, then please contact us by emailing

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