Accesspoint & FormEvo Partnership

Accesspoint & FormEvo Partnership

Accesspoint & FormEvo Partnership

Accesspoint Legal are pleased to announce a new partnership with leading cloud-based Legal Forms provider, FormEvo.

Accesspoint will also be working on a number of PCMS Integrations for FormEvo.  We believe that a detailed integration with the PCMS system is a key time saving feature that also helps to reduce data entry errors. An integration with Accesspoint’s own Mozaique Legal Portal is planned for the Autumn of this year.

Many of Accesspoint’s Law firm clients have often enquired about cloud-based alternatives to the traditional on-premise legal forms, with the key benefits of FormEvo’s cloud-based offering being:

  • Full-Service library containing both electronic and digital forms. The direction of travel is more digital forms which on premise cannot provide.
  • Collaboration opportunities internally with the ability to share access and set up management control in the form completion journey.
  • Collaborate directly with clients by sharing access to forms with various levels of editorial control for home completion and then e-Sign.
  • Automatic updating of the forms library and the release of new security and functionality upgrades.
  • Extensive integration capabilities with CMS and DMS applications with constant reviews and updating of integration tools such as the API. On premise applications have the greater risk of falling behind on security requirements and elements of their applications tech stack becoming unsupported.

TA Forms Announcement

FormEvo announced the release of new editions of the Law Society’s Transaction (TA) forms 6 (5th edition) and 7 (4th edition) on the 25th of March. As many law firms are aware, there is now a transitional period until the 25th of June where the previous editions of these forms can still be used but they will then be removed, and existing draft forms will no longer be usable. FormEvo advise firms to start using the new forms immediately to avoid the risk of having to re-start the form completion process.

The new TA6 form is made up of two parts; with part 1 making up the material information required by Estate Agents to market the property. It is worth highlighting that failure to meet the material requirement is a criminal offence; so sellers may well require additional support from their legal advisors.

Some of the questions previously within the TA7 Leasehold information have been added to the new TA6. These forms are part of FormEvo’s comprehensive range of property-based forms with automatic updating of any further form changes.

FormEvo allows users to share the TA forms with both the seller (for completion at home) and the relevant estate agents, and can be e-Signed. Extensive guidance notes are included.

Please contact for further information. To celebrate the new partnership with Accesspoint, FormEvo are offering a free trial for all Accesspoint customers.

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