Accesspoint Legal Services: Our History

Accesspoint Legal Services: Our History

Accesspoint Legal Services: Our History

Entrusting a company other than your original supplier to help your firm get the most out of your Practice & Case Management System requires more than just good faith. It’s key to the success of your business and requires a company that knows legal and legal technology inside out. 

We’re Accesspoint: the legal technology specialists, providing innovative products, services and IT advice for law firms. Our clients come to us for our expertise and innovation, then stay with us because we’re a can-do company with the personal touch. 

Established in 2010, Accesspoint, provides top-tier services to Legal, ranging from managed hosting, PCMS support, training, consultancy and software development. From there our expertise in legal was established; leading to a specialised group company being incorporated. 


Accesspoint Legal Services was formed as a ‘dedicated to Legal’ solutions company. Our services included PCMS consultancy, software development & training. 

The Accesspoint leadership team included;  Scott Brown,  Julie Morgan,  Hong Tran  &  Dawn Breeze  to provide continuous improvements and efficiencies across the board to benefit clients and staff alike. 


Out of growing demand, Accesspoint formed a full Media department to provide clients with bespoke websites, hosting, search engine optimisation (SEO) & digital marketing solutions, working with firms such as GT Stewart, LAPG, Luqmani Thompson and Edwards Duthie Shamash to scale their digital presence. 


Accesspoint’s software development team saw rapid adoption of their bespoke PCMS services, such as bespoke P4W development, training & consultancy. 

The media department develop a ‘dedicated to Legal’ web-hosting division, utilising a bespoke server infrastructure developed specifically for superior loading times and security for Law firm websites. 


To support our clients, Accesspoint expanded our sales & account management team. We developed a suite of prebuilt PCMS enhancements available for firms to rapidly streamline internal processes. We started to build innovative solutions such as API connectivity into PCMS systems to enable integrations with third party software. 


The era of Covid… Accesspoint launched several cost-saving initiatives such as freezing charges to help our clients survive the pandemic. Like many, Accesspoint adopted remote working and digitised internal processes by developing an MSP web-portal for clients to access bills/support tickets and other business intelligence. We then brought on 3 new apprentices to nurture the future talent of the business. 


Accesspoint developed Mozaique Legal SaaS: a world-class web application that is seamlessly hooked into a firm’s PCMS such as P4W to provide a client portal for their clients, as well as intranet, large file share and time recording functionality. Accesspoint partnered with LEAP to provide implementation and training of their platform to firms, and our head count grew to 20 skilled specialists. 


Accesspoint Legal Services enhanced their UK based software development team by promoting  Scott Brown  to Managing Director &  Julie Morgan  to Operations Director, this backed with three senior developers,  Matthew Smith,  Jack Gilham  &  Jamie Hamilton  bringing back-end, front-end and full-stack capabilities into the business to accommodate and fully service the demands for the 150+ law firms we work with. 

Accesspoint partnered with the global leading document management system, NetDocuments, and wrote several world-class integrations for them. We developed the P4W user-forum in conjunction with the P4W user group chairs. 


Accesspoint’s web & marketing division expanded as we built a new leadership team with  Olivia Fishwick  leading the digital marketing team and  Aleksander Noworol  leading the website development team. We continued to work with clients looking to rebrand, grow their website and bring new leads in with our digital marketing expertise. 

This year, we’ve grown an extensive partnership network; working with best-of-breed providers to complement firms’ internal systems; such as NetDocuments, Verify365, ReviewSolicitors, Keylu and Legl. Accesspoint develop and provide extensive integrations between third party software and firms’ PCMSs. 

Throughout the company’s history, we have continually added new products, integrations, and services; broadening our ability to support law firms with technology challenges far beyond that of the core PCMCS.  

At Accesspoint, the answer to your technology query is always, “Yes. Now what’s the question?” 

Contact us today to see how we can help your firm. You’ll be joining numerous, delighted clients who have never looked back. 

About the author
Hong has over 18 years’ experience in the Legal software sector, with specialist knowledge in Legal Practice and Case Management software. Having worked with hundreds of law firms on their Practice and Case Management implementations and assisted with the ongoing work to maximise the benefits of their significant investment, Hong is familiar with the challenges...