Microsoft Copilot powered by Sysero

Microsoft Copilot powered by Sysero

Microsoft Copilot powered by Sysero

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Copilot is the result of Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT.  Copilot is available via the web and can be used in much the same way as ChatGPT in that it uses the Internet as it’s source of data and pulls together information to answer questions users throw at it.  Where Copilot differs from Internet Chatbots is that Microsoft’s API can be used by third parties to interface with private data. This requires firms to buy a private subscription from Microsoft to provide a natural language interface that allows third parties to integrate with their own data sources.  In this configuration firms can implement a system allowing internal users and their customers to have a conversation via a chatbot which accesses corporate data and guides users through proprietary processes.

What is Sysero?

Sysero is a workflow tool that allows firms to create apps that can automate tasks such as creating emails to respond to client requests for information; building complex documents and contracts and processes that require collaboration between numerous people such as onboarding new clients and employees.  In larger firms, even simple tasks such as responding to client update requests can be laborious, as details often need to be extracted from various systems.  Sysero uses a combination of a graphical workflow designer, a forms designer and third party API’s to automate workflows that guide users through these processes.  The end result is a forms-based workflow that guides users through a process using a series of structured steps which may send personalised emails, create customised contracts and add or edit data in third party applications such as ERP systems.

What can Sysero do with Copilot?

Copilot allows firms to define natural language phrases that direct users to specific workflows.  So rather than finding the correct workflow and filling out a form, users can ask Copilot specific questions and Sysero will send back prompts that guide the user through a process.  Depending on their answers, Sysero will decide what the next question will be until the process is complete. Copilots natural language interface interprets the request so that the request can be worded in different ways and Copilot will still direct the user to the correct workflow. Copilot powered by Sysero provides a conversation which can be more natural than completing a form.

Metadata is everything

An issue with all AI systems is inaccuracy and the system “having a guess”.  When designing a workflow in Sysero, the questions are designed by a human expert who can design rules about the type of response required and how this will affect the next step of the process. These questions form a Metadata Model that can be mapped against internal systems and databases.  So if the question is “Please enter your name”, Copilot can use it’s algorithms to recognise the response as three metadata elements: a persons title, first name and surname.  Sysero can be used to map these against data in internal systems to ensure the information entered is accurate.

Knowledge Libraries

A phrase often associated with AI is Large Language Models (LLM).  This allows Copilot to analyse user input and extract phrases even when a user is not necessarily asking the “correct” question.  Whilst this is useful for providing a conversational interface, organizations with proprietary knowledge need to search specific knowledge resources and ensure that the results are based only on information that has been managed by specialists.

Sysero allows firms to build Libraries of Knowledge which may be documents, emails, slides etc.  These can be classified using internal classifications so that when a user asks for an example document or an accounts record, Copilot can be directed to search a specific data source rather than the entire Internet.  Copilot’s auto-summary function can generate a summary of a specific length as well as providing links to specific data records or documents.

AI driven workflow

Many legal technology experts are struggling to see how Fuzzy Logic systems like AI work in the precise practice of Law.  Unlike AI, Sysero Workflows are designed by human subject matter experts so that the process and the end result are based on accurate data and information sources.  Combining Copilot and Sysero provides firms with a single, natural language interface that ensures that internal and external users are guided through processes that produce accurate outcomes.

About the author
Phil Ayton is Co-Founder and Director at Sysero. He has been working in Workflow, Automation & Knowledge Management for 30 years. Phil is also the Design Authority for the Sysero workflow product and works primarily with Professional Service Firms.