AI Meets Automation: Leveraging the Power of Microsoft Copilot with Sysero Workflows

AI Meets Automation: Leveraging the Power of Microsoft Copilot with Sysero Workflows

AI Meets Automation: Leveraging the Power of Microsoft Copilot with Sysero Workflows

In today’s fast-paced legal landscape, staying ahead requires more than just legal expertise – it demands that firms strategically leverage cutting-edge technology tools.

One way that law firms can gain a competitive advantage is by combining the power of AI-driven technology tools with those designed by human experts. While AI tools like Microsoft Copilot excel in analyzing vast amounts of data and providing valuable insights, human-designed technology tools bring a nuanced understanding of legal processes, regulatory considerations, and client needs. 

By integrating these two types of technology, law firms can strike the right balance between the speed and convenience of AI with the contextual understanding and strategic decision-making of human experts. This allows for enhanced efficiency, improved decision-making, and the delivery of high-quality legal services that meet the evolving needs of clients.

Here, we look at how law firms can combine Microsoft Copilot with Sysero’s Knowledge Management and Workflow Automation features to drive enhanced efficiency and client service. 

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is “an AI companion designed to assist users by providing information, answering questions, and engaging in conversation” according to’s free-to-use version of Copilot. Copilot is the result of Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, and provides users with a natural language Chatbot experience using the Internet as its source of data.  A second variant of Copilot, and the reason for Microsoft’s investment, is the Pro version. 

Copilot Pro does everything Copilot does but adds the ability to “build your own Copilot GPTs tailored to your individual needs and interests”.  A GPT is a natural language interface for a software application and Copilot Pro allows firms to integrate their existing applications with Copilot.  

Copilot Pro can be programmed to complete tasks such as retrieve information from your ERP system, summarise your in-house expertise on a subject, or guide you through a process.  In order to do this, firms need to either develop their own GPT’s, which requires advanced technical knowledge, or use a software platform that integrates with Copilot Pro.

Creating AI-Driven Workflows with Copilot and Sysero 

Sysero is a platform that enables firms to build knowledge libraries, automate processes and integrate with existing applications. By combining Copilot with Sysero, law firms can leverage natural language capabilities to provide a Chatbot that guides users through the maze of in-house systems and processes.

To make this magic work, firms need to define key phrases that activate a specific GPT.  For example “Get me a client’s account balance”  could be a trigger phrase for a GPT that asks for the client’s account number and uses that to retrieve the balance from the accounts system.  “Create an employment contract for Mr Joe Bloggs” could respond with a series of questions that use a standard template to create a perfect contract.  More advanced automations could summarise the status of a specific matter or guide users through a series of steps to complete a complex task.  

AI systems like Copilot can sometimes make mistakes or take guesses because they’re not perfect. However, when you create a workflow using Sysero, a human expert designs the questions. This expert knows how to set rules about what kind of answer is needed and how it affects the next steps in the process. These questions make up a Metadata Model that can be matched with the data in internal systems and databases. For example, if a prompt asks a user to “Please enter your name”, Copilot understands the response as two separate metadata elements: first name and surname. Sysero then checks this information against the data in internal systems to make sure it’s correct. 

With Sysero’s Knowledge libraries, firms can also build internal classification systems for proprietary knowledge. So, when a user requests an example of an internal document or a specific account record, Copilot can be directed to search a specific in-house data source, rather than the entire internet. 

Enhancing Efficiency & Accuracy with Legal Processes

Within the world of legal technology, there’s often a challenge in understanding how “fuzzy logic” systems like AI fit into the meticulous practice of law. Contrary to AI, Sysero workflows are built by human subject matter experts, ensuring that processes and outcomes rely on precise and reliable data sources. By integrating Copilot with Sysero, firms can gain access to a unified, natural language interface that effectively guides both in-house and client users through precise processes, resulting in consistently accurate deliverables. 

To learn more about bridging the gap between AI and workflow automation for your firm, get in touch with the experts at Sysero. 

About the author
Phil Ayton is Co-Founder and Director at Sysero. He has been working in Workflow, Automation & Knowledge Management for 30 years. Phil is also the Design Authority for the Sysero workflow product and works primarily with Professional Service Firms.