Get one step closer to your clients and one step closer to the future with  Mozaique 

Get one step closer to your clients and one step closer to the future with  Mozaique 

Get one step closer to your clients and one step closer to the future with  Mozaique 

Mozaique is the Legal intelligence platform from Accesspoint Legal Services which provides a  secure,  accessible, and  customisable  portal for your firm. 

Do you ever find yourself in a constant loop of trying out new legal apps and software, without ever finding the perfect combination that truly caters to your workflow and long-term goals? 

We now see a lack of unified processes amongst new developments and this ever-growing array of products can quickly lead to a disparate environment within the firm; filled with ineffective outcomes and long implementation periods. 

How can law firms navigate through the wide range of software applications used across their departmental teams as well as keep up with client care without getting lost in a sea of products? 

Mozaique is Accesspoint’s multi-faceted solution helping your firm bring together disparate applications and processes into one, intuitive portal accessible by your staff and clients. Customisable to suit your current requirements and adaptable to provide a future-proofed interface, Mozaique is a focused solution addressing the numerous challenges being posed by the use of multiple applications within a typical law firm.  By deploying Mozaique, you ensure that your firm maintains optimum compatibility; both internally and externally, with a constantly changing technology environment; enabling maximum efficiency and an unrivalled client experience. 

What does Mozaique’s portal include? 

  • Practice Management System Integration e.g P4W 
  • Secure and client-friendly on-line payments linked into your PMS 
  • Web forms for intuitive data capture integrated into your PMS 
  • Digital client onboarding 
  • Mobile time recording 
  • Website lead tracking 
  • Secure, branded client portal for you and your clients 
  • Secure document sharing 
  • Real time updates from your PMS 
  • Billing and analytical reporting 
  • Intelligent automations to reduce administration  
  • Web-based intranet 

Don’t just take our word for it… 

Mozaique’s portal is the perfect tool to help bridge the gap between your team and clients in today’s fast moving modern environment. Not only does it enable a faster and more efficient hub for communication, but it is also a great way to provide a branded experience for your audience and show your clients that you can go the extra mile in being more focused on them and prepared for the future.

Julian Overton, Member Partner/Managing Partner at TV Edwards LLP 

Accesspoint’s Mozaique Legal Portal provides a user friendly, mobile device compatible service for our clients and prospective clients to submit new enquiries or client and matter onboarding information, directly from our own website. The fact that all this information goes straight into a holding bay in P4W (Partner For Windows) for our team to review, edit and run duplicate checks from this database and then creates the prospects or clients and matters automatically for us was truly impressive.

Sue Harris, Office Manager at Clifton Ingram LLP 

We’ve chosen to integrate Accesspoint’s Mozaique portal with our P4W system, as we believe our clients will find being able to log in and keep track of their matter by milestones, and have immediate access to our correspondence and reports, a very useful tool.

Kellie Darke, Director & Head of Property at Kingsfords Solicitors LLP

Becoming client centric is as simple as 1, 2, 3 

Creating a client portal for your firm couldn’t be easier, simply follow these three steps and in no time your firm will be able to focus on providing the best experience to clients. 

1. Get in touch with our team by emailing  

2. Provide your details 

3. Sit back, relax and let us design your brand-new client portal 

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